Savory Brunch

A savory brunch – featuring delicious eggs, crispy potatoes and decadent french toast – is the perfect way to start your day. While these dishes are staple for weekend brunch menus across the country, these are equally at home in your morning routine any day of the week. Food & Wine has collected all of the best savory brunch recipes and tips for you to have the best brunch at home.

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Polenta Dutch Baby with Ham and Swiss

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A large-format pancake with a light, airy interior and rich, savory toppings, this Dutch baby is perfect for brunch. Add the toppings around the edges, leaving the center clear to allow it to rise properly. Preheating the pan is also crucial to a beautiful rise; the batter should begin to puff immediately after you pour it into the pan.

Yam Quiche

Deceptively light yet rich and satisfying, this quiche features yams with a sage-flavored cream filling. Quiches are a labor of love, yet they are also versatile one dish meal. Served alongside fruit or green salad, it’s the perfect centerpiece for a brunch or dinner. Slideshow: More Quiche Recipes 

Savory Galette with Radicchio and Endive

When she’s serving a big group, apron guru Ellen Bennett loves making savory galettes with seasonal ingredients. At Christmas, she opts to use radicchio, which she sautés with a touch of honey and vinegar before scattering on top of the creamy ricotta filling.Slideshow: Savory Pies & Tarts

Grits with Yogurt and Vegan Chorizo Oil

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Brad Kilgore of Miami's Alter restaurant likes this recipe for home cooks because he feels it's a "show-off" dish but not really much work. He makes decadent, creamy grits with a mix of milk, cream, tangy fresh goat cheese and Greek yogurt, which he drizzles with a smoky, fragrant vegan oil that tastes just like chorizo. Slideshow:  More Grits Recipes 

4 Global Hash Brown Recipes

We may be the only country that uses a waffle iron to make hash browns but America is definitely not the only country that loves a crispy mess of delicious potatoes. Here, four global recipes for hash browns.

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