Your Questions About Double-Yolk Eggs, Answered

Here, everything you need to know about double-yolked eggs.

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Cracking open an egg and finding not one but two yolks is like hitting the breakfast jackpot. But it's also a little suspicious. Why is it happening? What does it mean? What do you do with such an anomaly? We have all of those answers and more. Here, everything you need to know about double-yolk eggs.

What are the odds of getting a double yolk?

Without any outside interference, the odds of getting a double-yolker are about one in every thousand eggs.

Why do double yolks happen?

Double-yolk eggs are a byproduct of rapid ovulation. That means two yolks are released in quick succession into a hen's oviduct (aka fallopian tube) and end up in the same shell. Typically, yolks are released about an hour apart, but hormonal changes or a hyperactive ovary will cause double releases.

Who lays double-yolkers?

Usually, young hens are responsible for double-yolkers, but heavier breeds like the Buff Orpington are also known to produce double-yolk eggs more regularly than other breeds. Additionally, hens that experience an abrupt, drastic increase in hours of light exposure are more prone to laying eggs with two yolks.

Where can you find double yolks?

For so long people could only take a chance on scoring double-yolk eggs. Though not widely available in the United States, some distributors do offer individually selected double-yolk eggs for purchase. Sauder's, a Pennsylvania egg producer, now sells Double Yolkers, which promises 12 double-yolked eggs in one carton. They're primarily available at East Coast grocers.

Can you get more than two yolks?

Yes! The most yolks ever found in one egg is nine. That's a mighty big omelet. Conversely, there are also yolkless eggs, which are called dwarf or wine eggs. Those are usually the first eggs laid by very young hens.

What does a double yolk mean?

If you're a superstitious person, getting an egg with a double yolk can signify good luck, an imminent new beginning, or that you or your female counterpart is going to be pregnant with twins. Or, if you subscribe to Norse mythology, it means someone in your family is going to die. But mostly it just means you're going to have a yolkier breakfast.

What do you do with a double-yolk egg?

You cook it, just like you would any egg. Here are 34 delicious ideas.

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