Think you know your egg facts? Take F&W's quiz and see.

By Joe Harper
Updated June 26, 2017

Think you know your egg facts? Take F&W's quiz and see.

1. Approximately how many eggs are produced in the United States each year?

A) 500 billion
B) 800 million
C) 75 billion
D) 6 trillion

2. Which of the following does not contain any egg at all?

A) Eggnog
B) Egg Cream
C) Eggs Benedict
D) Egg Drop Soup

3. What is believed to be the origin of meringue, the famous dessert made from whipped eggs and sugar?

A) Merengue dance parties in Latin America, where meringue is eaten after the last dance.
B) It was an easy recipe for Portuguese 'mariners' at sea.
C) It was invented by a chef in Meiringen, Switzerland.
D) It was a delicacy in the Swiss court of Countess Marina Gein, an ancestor of serial killer Ed Gein.

4. Which cocktail is traditionally made using egg whites?

A) White Russian
B) Piña Colada
C) Margarita
D) Whiskey Sour

5. What determines the color of a hen's egg?

A) The breed of the hen.
B) Bleaches and/or dyes.
C) The quality and nutritional value of the egg.
D) Whether the hens are free-range or organic.

6. Deviled eggs are popular around the world, particularly in the Southern United States. Their name can be traced to:

A) The American Revolution era, when the term came to refer to fiery or zesty ingredients like mustard and pepper.
B) Medieval times, when the eggs were traditionally prepared on All Hallow's Eve (Halloween).
C) The Civil War period, when separating the yolk from the white came to symbolize the devilish animosity between the states.
D) New Orleans voodoo spirit Papa Legba (seen in American Horror Story: Coven), whose eyes the eggs are said to resemble.

7. How long does it take for a hen to produce an egg?

A) 2-3 days
B) 5-7 hours
C) 24-26 hours
D) 1 week

8. What does the term "candling" refer to?

A) The ancient practice of covering eggs in wax, so that they can be transported without breaking.
B) A cooking technique for setting an egg on fire, also known as "eggs flambé."
C) A New England term used by teenagers who egg a house until it looks like a candle dripping in wax.
D) An inspection process where a light is passed through the egg to note its quality and any defects.

9. Which of the following is not an actual song?

A) "They Punctured My Yolk" – The Flaming Lips
B) "Never Trust a Man (With Egg on His Face)" – Adam and the Ants
C) "Eggman" – The Beastie Boys
D) "Egg of the Cosmos" – Enya

10. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

A) The chicken! You can't have an egg without a chicken to make it.
B) The egg. Ancient reptiles were laying eggs long before chickens ever existed.
C) Both, because my Zen master told me so.
D) "I egged the chicken and then I ate its leg." – The Beastie Boys

11. An egg timer is called such because:

A) Its original design was shaped like an egg.
B) The hour-glass had enough sand to last 3-minutes, the approximate time needed to soft-boil an egg.
C) It was first trademarked by British lawmaker Sir Reginald Egg.
D) The term 'egg' derives from the Old Norse language, in which it refers to the passage of time.

12. Which animal's eggs are not traditionally eaten by humans?

A) Iguana
B) Ostrich
C) Robin
D) Fish

13. After cooking quail eggs, why do some chefs soak them in olive oil and a bit of vinegar?

A) So the shell will peel off more easily.
B) To give them an acidic flavor.
C) To burn away unsightly blemishes on the shell.
D) It makes the egg whites thicken.

14. In which of the following scenarios would Sam like green eggs and ham?

A) On a boat
B) With a mouse
C) On a train
D) In a plane

15. Which film does not feature an egg as part of its storyline?

A) Jurassic Park
B) Alien
C) Cocoon
D) Look Who's Talking

1. C
2. B
3. C
4. D
5. A
6. A
7. C
8. D
9. D
10. B (D is also acceptable.)
11. B
12. C
13. A
14. Trick question— he would not like them ANYWHERE.
15. C