Scrambled Eggs

Everyone has their own opinions about how to make the best scrambled eggs. Some swear by adding milk to the whisked mixture to add extra moisture while other cooks believe you shouldn't whisk beforehand at all, because the eggs will become watery. Is there one correct way to do it? Probably not. And lucky for you, Food & Wine's covers all the possible methods by exploring the personal preferences of chefs around the world. Try their recipes and flavoring ideas to perfect your next breakfast.

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Matzo Brei with Caramelized Onions

“Why are you making fried cardboard?” my first husband asked the first time he watched me make matzo brei. He had never before encountered this classic Jewish dish. Then he tasted it, his eyes went wide, and he asked for more.I have never known anyone who could resist it; even my son, the world’s pickiest eater at the age of two, was in love with it. As for me, if I could eat only one food for the rest of my life it would be this remarkably simple dish in which a few basic ingredients are magically transformed into something comforting and compelling.Rumors are floating about that there are people who like their matzo brei sweet. This, of course, is an abomination: Matzo brei should never mix with sugar. While I tend to be a purist—nothing but matzos, eggs, butter, and salt—I occasionally add caramelized onions which, in my opinion, make almost everything taste better.And now, on to my matzo brei rules:1. Do not use those fancy new handmade matzos. Store-bought is fine.2. Caramelize the onions slowly and for a very long time. You want them to be on the dark side.3. Good butter is the secret to great matzo brei.4. When in doubt, use more.5. Break the matzos into a strainer set over a bowl so you catch all the tiny crumbs. They make the texture more interesting.6. Don’t get your matzos so wet they go limp.7. Some people cook their matzo brei in one piece, as if it were an omelet. Don’t. One of the great things about this dish is the textural variation: Some bits are fluffy as clouds, others crisp enough to crackle.8. Do not use a nonstick pan because it will prevent you from achieving the results in rule 7.9. This recipe serves 4, but the proportions are 1 egg and 1 matzo per person, so adjust to your needs.10. Say the word right: “brei” rhymes with “fry.”

Scrambled Eggs Florentine

Eggs may be a must at Easter brunch, but they easily can be stepped up from your basic scramble or omelet. Here, we fold spinach and mascarpone into soft scrambled eggs and spoon over crostini for an easy appetizer that fits right in with the other holiday-special dishes on the table.    Slideshow: More Scrambled Egg Recipes 

Our 15 Best Scrambled Eggs Recipes

Fluffy, rich, and flavorful, the perfect scrambled eggs can make a transcendent meal for any time of day. Here are our favorite recipes of the classic egg dish, from soft-scrambled egg toasts to smoked-salmon scramble.

Proof That James Bond Is a Foodie

While martinis and hotel room seductions distract James Bond throughout 007 movies like Spectre, he's not depicted as the glutton we know and love. True fans know that the original James Bond book series lingers on food, described in vibrant, delicious and occasionally instructive detail. You didn't know Sir Ian Fleming was a food writer?

Spicy Indian-Style Scrambled Eggs

Sarah Woodward, an English food and travel writer, brings traditional French cooking to life in her book The Food of France, which is peppered with lovely essays on the different regions of France, each accompanied by classic recipes. Since she travels constantly, Woodward turns to these spicy, creamy scrambled eggs as comfort food when she's back home in London. Flavored with chile, garlic and ginger, they're absolutely addictive. Great Comfort Food Recipes

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Spanish-Style Scrambled Eggs

For this dish, chef Neal Fraser uses spicy chorizo and Spanish lomo (cured pork loin) in scrambled eggs, along with potatoes, piquillo peppers and smoky paprika. Since lomo can be hard to find, we've substituted readily available serrano ham. Slideshow: More Breakfast Recipes 

Scrambled Eggs with Herbed Croutons

Grace Parisi creates a witty take on a breakfast staple by stirring delicious herbed croutons right into her soft, creamy scrambled eggs—eliminating the need for a side of toast.Savory Bread Pudding Recipes