The Incredibly Easy Way to Poach a Dozen Eggs at Once

Make brunch for a crowd with this simple chef trick.

There's nothing more impressive than serving friends a brunch featuring runny-yolked, perfectly poached eggs in Eggs Benedict or another brunch or lunch dish. But if you're hosting guests, there's a problem: The classic technique only allows for poaching one or two eggs at a time. When you are cooking for a crowd, you don't have time to poach eggs using the classic technique of a deep pot of water on the stove. You'll be too busy making sure you add vinegar to the poaching water, swirling the hot water to create a vortex so the egg holds its shape and the whites don't scatter, and straining the eggs through a sieve to eliminate the wisps of egg white clinging to the edges of your poached eggs. It also means you are spending more time at your brunch party hovering over a steaming pot on the stove and trying to keep the eggs warm without overcooking them instead of hanging out with your friends. Thankfully, F&W's Justin Chapple has a solution in this episode of Mad Genius Tips. All you need is a muffin pan, a dozen eggs and a half-dozen friends to dazzle with your show-off-worthy Benedict skills.

An easy hack to poach a lot of eggs at once

Matt Taylor-Gross / Food Styling by Debbie Wee

Make sure you have a good-quality muffin pan ready to use, then watch the video to learn this super-easy technique. Once you've seen it, you'll be ready to try a recipe for a classic Eggs Benedict, a version with smoked salmon and caper butter hollandaise sauce, a bacon and arugula Benedict, or even a version served over juicy steak. And if Eggs Benedict isn't your thing, try Brooke Williamson's Turmeric-Poached Eggs with Chive Biscuits and Lobster Gravy, Michael Solomonov's harissa-spiked Shakshuka, Anne Willan's Poached Eggs with Red Wine Sauce, or Grace Parisi's Salmon Hash with Poached Eggs. Add some fruit, a few Mimosas, coffees, and juice, maybe some Strawberry-Pistachio Sweet Rolls or another brunch pastry, and you'll be all set for a brunch party to remember.

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