30 Egg Recipes for Breakfast and Beyond

Chilaquiles Rojo Recipe
Photo: Greg Dupree

Eggs have endless uses in recipes, from thickening custards to acting as a binder for meatballs. However, in these recipes, eggs are taking center stage — as a topping for salads and breakfast sandwiches, deviled and garnished with briny caviar, and nestled in a bed of escarole and feta cheese for a twist on shakshuka. There are dishes for breakfast, lunch, and everything in between. Read on for even more of our favorite egg recipes.

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Crispy Cheese Burritos with Chorizo and Eggs

Crispy Cheese Burritos with Chorizo and Eggs
Photo by Victor Protasio / Food Styling by Chelsea Zimmer / Prop Styling by Prissy Lee

When Richard Chang was chef and owner of the Tacos La Tehuanita truck in Los Angeles, he wowed crowds with his burnt-cheese-roll taco, made by griddling cheese until crisp and rolling it up around various fillings. This version pairs chorizo-studded black beans and eggs with creamy avocado for richness.

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Soft Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Truffles

Soft Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Truffles Recipe
Victor Protasio

Light and fluffy, these eggs are gently seasoned and generously perfumed by fresh black truffles. For the perfect creamy, tender bite, pull the eggs off of the heat before they set; they will continue to cook after they leave the stove.

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Broccoli Rabe and Avocado Salad with Lemon Dressing and Herby Molten Eggs

broccoli rabe an avocado salad
Jennifer Causey

"Spring is the season when warm and cold ingredients ought to mingle on one plate, and this salad brings all that to life," writes F&W Cooks contributor Andrea Slonecker. "To serve, keep the soft-cooked eggs and the roasted rabe on the warm side, rather than cold, and compose the salad on plates with a bit of artistic flare. Then I would tell you to pour a glass of Chablis and enjoy this spring situation for lunch or dinner, whatever suits your fancy."

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Turmeric-Poached Eggs with Chive Biscuits and Lobster Gravy

Turmeric-Poached Eggs with Chive Biscuits and Lobster Gravy
Photo by Jennifer Causey / Prop Styling by Julia Bayless / Food Styling by Ruth Blackburn

This decadent brunch dish is reminiscent of crawfish étouffée, but with the West Coast vibes found all over the menu at chef Brooke Williamson's beachside restaurant complex, Playa Provisions. Lobster lends the gravy rich flavor, while the turmeric eggs add a sunny pop of color.

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Kuku Sabzi (Persian Herb Frittata)

Persian Frittata (Kuku Sibzamini)
© Con Poulos

Kuku sibzamini is the Persian version of a frittata. Shredded carrots, onion, zucchini and potato give it excellent texture — light and airy but deeply satisfying — while saffron adds the distinct Persian flavor.

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Steak and Eggs Benedict with Red Wine Hollandaise

Steak and Eggs Benedict with Red Wine Hollandaise
© Andrew Purcell

Classic hollandaise sauce is prepared with butter, egg yolks, and lemon juice. Here, chef Neal Fraser adds a red wine and port reduction to the rich sauce, which is delicious with the juicy tenderloin steak that accompanies the poached eggs.

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Sherried Mushrooms with Fried Eggs on Toast

Sherried Mushrooms with Fried Eggs on Toast
© Tina Rupp

For a fabulous topping for a fried egg on toast, chef Cindy Pawlcyn sautés mushrooms and onions with the Spanish dry sherry oloroso.

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Gyeranjjim (Korean Steamed Eggs)

Gyeranjjim (Korean Steamed Eggs)
Photo by Antonis Achilleos / Prop Styling by Christina Daley / Food Styling by Ali Ramee

Eunjo Park, a 2020 F&W Best New Chef, turns to the microwave to make gyeranjjim, a fluffy and luxurious dish of Korean steamed eggs, in just a few minutes. The eggs are infused with flavorful broth and topped with all kinds of optional garnishes, like a drizzle of toasted sesame oil or hot chile oil, or a sprinkle of scallions, sesame seeds, or cod roe.

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Scrambled Egg and Avocado Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg Sandwiches with Avocado

This simple and satisfying breakfast sandwich recipe calls for American cheese, but it's equally delicious with Gruyère or sharp cheddar. Feel free to use your favorite toast if you don't have English muffins. A dash of vinegary hot sauce is a great addition here.

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Mushroom Tortilla

Mushroom Tortilla
© Nicole Franzen

This Spanish mushroom omelet from chef José Andrés is super-simple and a great make-ahead dish for brunch.

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Stovetop Asparagus Frittata

Frittata with asparagus, prosciutto and crème fraîche.

For this single-serving frittata, chef Nancy Silverton cooks the eggs gently, then tops them with asparagus, prosciutto, and crème fraîche. Since the frittata is not warmed in the oven, it's best to have the toppings at room temperature. Also, keep them near the pan so you can work quickly once the eggs are cooked.

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Quinoa Egg Bowl with Pecorino

Quinoa Egg Bowl with Pecorino
© John Kernick

Cookbook author Melissa Clark takes inspiration from Caesar salad in this quinoa bowl, which includes a soft runny egg and a lemony, cheese-spiked dressing. It's one of the best grain bowls we've ever had.

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Potatoes Benedict with Make-Ahead Poached Eggs

Potatoes Benedict with Make-Ahead Poached Eggs
Jennifer Causey

"In this take on eggs Benedict, crispy potato rounds are a fun, gluten-free substitute for the everyday English muffins," F&W culinary director at large Justin Chapple writes. "A combination of extra-virgin olive oil and butter gives the potatoes incredible flavor and a golden, crunchy crust that provides the best-ever canvas for poached eggs."

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Rustic Pepper Stew with Jammy Eggs

Rustic Pepper Stew With Jammy Eggs
Photo by Linda Xiao / Food Styling by Kate Buckens / Prop Styling by Maeve Sheridan

F&W editor in chief Hunter Lewis' Spanish-style stew is an easy summer vegetarian dinner recipe for when peppers are in high season at the farmers market. To make it, slices of mild, sweet peppers are gently stewed over medium-low heat. Once the peppers are done, a splash of vinegar, fresh herbs, and a topping of halved soft-cooked eggs and croutons transform the stewed peppers into a fine light dinner.

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Poached Eggs with Red Wine Sauce

Poached Eggs with Red Wine Sauce
Greg DuPree

A rich red wine sauce adds a touch of French luxury to these perfectly poached eggs.

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Deviled Egg Toast

Deviled Egg Toast
Abby Hocking

This twist on deviled eggs is Chef Missy Robbins' favorite way to get the salty, spicy, tangy filling all in one crunchy bite. Robbins usually tops her crostini with bottarga or tuna roe but recommends truffles or even hot sauce, too.

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Kai Jeow Moo Sab (Thai Fried Omelet with Pork)

Kai Jeow Moo Sap (Thai Pork Omelet)
Anna Stockwell

"The first time that I ate one of these omelets was on the street in Thailand," says Leah Cohen, chef of New York's Pig & Khao. "I had never eaten a deep-fried egg and I was shocked that it was crispy but still tender. My mind was blown and [the] low-and-slow egg cooking that my French training taught me was turned on its ear."

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Poached Eggs with Sunchokes and Comté Polenta

Poached Eggs with Sunchokes and Comté Polenta
© John Kernick

Chef David Bouley serves eggs en cocotte with three purees — fennel, sunchoke, and polenta — plus Comté foam. Home cooks can pair baked eggs with cheese polenta, evoking Bouley's Comté foam with polenta puree.

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Spicy Sesame, Bacon, and Egg Congee

Spicy Sesame, Bacon, and Egg Congee Recipe
Victor Protasio

Taking a cue from Top Chef alum Mei Lin, we're adding spicy pork, creamy egg yolks, and crunchy sesame to classic rice congee. Low and slow cooking is the key to its great texture; adjust the heat as needed to maintain a gentle bubble that results in tender grains.

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Za'atar Baked Eggs

Za'atar Baked Eggs
John Kernick

"In my teens, I spent a summer on a kibbutz in Israel working in my first professional kitchen," Gail Simmons writes. "I was assigned to breakfast duty and fell in love with scrambling, poaching, and frying eggs by the dozens. Today, one of my go-to brunches is baked eggs in a cherry tomato–pepper mix seasoned with the Mediterranean spice blend za'atar. It never fails to conjure happy memories of that magical time."

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Caviar-Topped Deviled Eggs

Caviar-Topped Deviled Eggs
Caitlin Bensel

For these deviled eggs, chef Evan Babb channels his mother's and grandmother's classic recipes for the filling, which gets a briny kick from a splash of olive juice. A dollop of sturgeon caviar on top takes these deviled eggs to the next level.

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Eggs Benny Toast

Eggs Benny Toast
Photo by Greg DuPree / Food Styling by Chelsea Zimmer and Paige Grandjean / Prop Styling by Christine Keely

The secret to this super-simple eggs Benedict? Cornstarch. It stabilizes the emulsion in the hollandaise, helping to prevent the sauce from breaking while it cooks over direct heat. Easier than poaching, gently steaming the eggs results in delicately tender whites and smooth, creamy yolks.

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Parsley Egg Noodles

Parsley Egg Noodles Recipe
Victor Protasio

This basic recipe for fresh egg noodles is studded with bright green parsley. Serve the noodles simply buttered or with this Squash-and-Tomato Sugo.

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Egg in a Bagel Hole

Egg in a Bagel Hole Recipe
The Ingalls

Adding water to the skillet helps cook the eggs evenly without burning the bagel halves, resulting in a lightly toasted bagel wrapped around a perfectly runny yolk. Savory smoked salmon and creamy avocado complete this classic breakfast.

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Chilaquiles Rojos with Fried Eggs and Cotija

Chilaquiles Rojo Recipe
Greg Dupree

Charring the tomato and onion before adding them to the red chile sauce is a quick way to create rich, slow-cooked flavor. Thick-cut fresh tortilla chips soak up the sauce and runny egg yolks without getting soggy.

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Boursin Omelet

Boursin Omelet Recipe
Victor Protasio

This beautifully basic omelet is the sleeper hit of chef Michael Tusk's French-inflected bar à vin menu at Verjus in San Francisco. An homage to his love of dairy, spreadable garlic-herb cheese melts richly into the creamy center of the tender eggs. While it makes for a delicious and satisfying breakfast, this omelet is best with some crusty baguette, a crisp salad, and a glass of Chardonnay.

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Breakfast Egg Cups with Parsley Gremolata and Mushrooms

Prosciutto Egg Cups with Parsley Gremolata Recipe
Photo by Antonis Achilleos / Food Styling by Rishon Hanners

These surprisingly elegant, savory herb-topped eggs bake up in a muffin pan, so it's easy to make breakfast or brunch for a few days — or for more than a few people. Serve any leftover breakfast egg cups sandwiched between buttered, toasted English muffins or brioche slices.

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Ande Ki Bhurji (Scrambled Eggs with Cumin and Fragrant Herbs)

Julie Sahni Ande Ki Bhurji | Scrambled Eggs with Cumin and Fragrant Herbs Recipe
Sarah Crowder

A traditional Indian scrambled egg dish, ande ki bhurji includes an almost equal amount of fresh yellow onion to eggs. As the beaten eggs cook (until they are fully set but not browned), the onion sweetens and mellows. Topped with toasted cumin seeds, cilantro, and fresh green chiles, this meal is fragrant and savory, with a distinct vegetal crunch.

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Escarole Shakshuka

Escarole Shakshuka
Photo by Greg DuPree / Food Styling by Chelsea Zimmer / Prop Styling by Christine Keely

Eggs poached in a savory sauce are livened up with the addition of silky, sweet escarole and tangy feta. A deliciously bright addition to your breakfast or brunch spread, serve with crusty bread or toast for sopping.

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Basted Egg Tartines with Creamed Mustard

Basted Egg Tartines with Creamed Mustard Recipe
John Kernick

Sour cream adds milky richness to both Dijon and whole-grain mustards with a splash of lemon juice for brightness. This simple, creamy sauce pairs with lightly bitter greens and rich, runny egg yolks for a beautiful breakfast. Try leftover sauce on baked salmon.

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