An egg might seem simple, but there are so many different ways you can prepare it. Even something as straightforward as boiling an egg can have a lot of variation — how long you cook it will determine whether you have a jammy center, hard boiled egg, or one of the many stages in between. Luckily, we’re egg experts and we can teach you the nuances of how to boil, poach, fry, and scramble eggs to perfection. We also have a few extra tips, like how to cook eggs for a crowd or an easy trick for peeling hard boiled eggs. We’ve even tested which skillets are best for cooking eggs. This protein-packed ingredient can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and we’ve developed a lot of great egg recipes over the years. We don’t like to play favorites, but some of the classics, like deviled eggs, a decadent eggs benedict, or an egg salad sandwich, will always be at the top of our list.

4 Ways to Tell if Your Eggs Have Gone Bad
Soft-Cooked Eggs with Hollandaise and Ham
Soft-Cooked Eggs with Hollandaise and Ham
50 mins
A poached egg with bacon, spinach and bread
How to Poach an Egg Perfectly Every Time