Biscuit Sandwiches

Once you switch to biscuit as your new sandwich bread, nothing will ever compare again. The buttery, flaky layers can stand all on their own, but are made even better with the addition of fluffy eggs, crispy bacon and melted cheese. Biscuit sandwiches are one of those breakfasts that will keep you full until lunchtime and beyond. Food & Wine's guide to these decadent brunch favorites include our ideas for delicious upgrades, the best sandwiches across the U.S. and many more recipes to uplift you in the morning.

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Beaten Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich with Tomato Jam
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Chef Marcus Samuelsson makes incredible biscuits, adding a little bit of nutty brown butter to amp up the flavor. He serves them warm, spread with tangy-sweet tomato jam, fried ham and perfectly scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese. Slideshow: More Breakfast Sandwich Recipes 
Biscuit Breakfast Sandwiches with Peach-Ginger Jam
These next-level breakfast sandwiches get their perfect salty-sweet balance from the addition of peach jam. If you don't have ripe peaches, try the recipe with plums or apricots. Slideshow:  More Breakfast Recipes 
Ham-and-Cheddar Scallion Biscuit Sandwiches
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“Scallions are so great with eggs,” says Will Gilson. He adds them to the biscuits, which he fills with ham, cheddar and fried eggs; it’s one reason the breakfast sandwich is so good. Slideshow:  More Brunch Recipes