Breakfast Pizza

Because why shouldn't you eat pizza for breakfast? Crispy bacon, spicy sausage, fried eggs and melted cheese are some of our favorite breakfast foods to add to pizza for a savory, hearty brunch dish. Elevate a simple bacon-and egg-pizza with a few fancy ingredients like crème fraîche, sliced Brie and shredded mozzarella, or seasonal toppings such as fresh figs, heirloom tomatoes and baby arugula. Whether you're looking for a perfect hangover cure or want to impress your brunch guests with a morning-appropriate pie, Food & Wine's guide to breakfast pizza has a delicious recipe for everyone.

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Smoky Breakfast Pizzas
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Chef Justin Bazdarich makes his Kind Brother pizza at Speedy Romeo in Brooklyn extra decadent with a combination of béchamel and smoked mozzarella. This easy version also gets a kick from smoked mozzarella, plus a drizzle of fresh basil oil for a pop of freshness.
Breakfast Pizza
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Pizza is always a solid choice at breakfast time, and this particular pie, topped with sausage, eggs and cheddar cheese, is always a hit. If you wish, you could add or substitute leftover cooked greens or roasted vegetables, sliced ham or crisp bacon. Slideshow: More Pizza Recipes