Here's how to drink more of it.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017

Almond milk’s rise in popularity is undeniable—even Starbucks will now offer its own version. From sweet breakfast porridge to espresso-spiked smoothies, here are five ways to use everyone’s favorite dairy alternative for brunch.

1. Sweet Almond Breakfast Quinoa with Dried Berries, Crushed Almonds and Cacao Nibs

This healthy breakfast porridge is ready in just 30 minutes. Plus, it can easily be made ahead of time and it’s equally delicious eaten cold.

2. Almond-Espresso Smoothie

Chock-full of protein, nutrients and espresso, this energizing smoothie is ready in less than 10 minutes

3. Almond Milk

This surprisingly easy-to-make almond milk contains dates and cinnamon, which lend just a hint of sweetness without covering up the pure, clean almond flavor. It’s fantastic on its own or with granola.

4. Chia-Seed Pudding

As chia seeds soak in almond milk, they create a tapioca-like pudding.

5. Creamy Steel-Cut Oats with Dried Cherries and Almonds

Steel-cut oats are whole-grain oats that are simply chopped, so they’re super-nutritious and have a great chew. Chef Marco Canora likes to simmer them in whole milk and almond milk with sweet spices for a breakfast with staying power.