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There are all sorts of terrible things happening in this world that get me really angry, but I can still find it in my soul to get upset about how the bagel has been treated.

Banana Bread Lovers, This One's for You

Lena Sareini’s elevated spin on classic banana bread dazzles with layers of flavor.

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Each ingredient is steeped in lore but the story behind how maple syrup became the partner for pancakes and a match in food heaven isn't so clear-cut.

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Sourdough Buttermilk Waffles

If you can't find full-fat buttermilk at the market, you're better off substituting a mix of milk and sour cream instead (see amounts below). Collect your sourdough discard in a bowl in the fridge, adding to it until you have enough for the recipe. The sourdough discard can keep for up to 5 days before using. You can also make pancakes with this batter—see Note below for details.

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Eggs Benny Toast

The secret to this super-simple eggs Benedict? Cornstarch. It stabilizes the emulsion in the hollandaise, helping to prevent the sauce from breaking while it cooks over direct heat. Easier than poaching, gently steaming eggs results in delicately tender whites and smooth, creamy yolks.

Escarole Shakshuka

Eggs poached in a savory sauce are livened up with the addition of silky, sweet escarole and tangy feta. A deliciously bright addition to your breakfast or brunch spread, serve with crusty bread or toast for sopping.