White Bread

Right now, white bread doesn't have the best reputation. In fact, when Michael Pollan asked Slow Fooders what he should put in his book Food Rules, some suggested he write that "white bread is only good for picking up glass." But, we disagree. White bread has a lot of redeeming qualities. It makes us nostalgic for the sandwiches we enjoyed as kids and serves as one of the best choices for a classic grilled cheese or BLT. F&W's guide to this often controversial bread includes interviews with master bakers, the latest on recent health studies and tons of delicious recipes.

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The Best White Bread
At Mrs. London's, Michael London bakes this rich, dense white bread in a pullman pan to make a rectangular loaf, which the French call pain de mie. A pullman pan has a fitted lid that slides into place to ensure a perfectly even shape, which is well suited to canapés. Since most home bakers don't own a pullman pan, we call for three standard loaf pans instead. Great Comfort Food Recipes
BLT Bread Salad
The Good News To make this Italian-style salad, Joy Manning tosses cubes of bread with just a little B (bacon) and lots of healthy L (soft butter lettuce) and T (small yellow and red tomatoes). Instead of mayonnaise, she blends the basil-inflected dressing with protein-rich soft tofu. More Main-Course Salads