Rolls + Buns

A serving of rolls can help kick off a meal, but according to chef Alex Guarnaschelli, "if you're going to have a bread basket [these days], it better be incredible." People are no longer impressed with brown-and-serve rolls hastily bought at the supermarket. At Butter, Guarnaschelli serves warmed yeasty, buttery Parker House rolls that are so delicious they practically start riots. F&W's guide to rolls and buns aim to get you the same reaction in your own home. We have incredible recipes and a compilation of tips from chefs who know how to attain bread perfection.
Pao de Queijo
Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread)
3 hrs 30 mins
Orange Cardamom Morning Buns
Orange-Cardamom Morning Buns
10 hrs 20 mins
Pepperoni Rolls with Garlic Anchovy Marinara
Pepperoni Rolls with Garlic-Anchovy Marinara
4 hrs 50 mins