Rolls & Buns

A serving of rolls can help kick off a meal, but according to chef Alex Guarnaschelli, "if you're going to have a bread basket [these days], it better be incredible." People are no longer impressed with brown-and-serve rolls hastily bought at the supermarket. At Butter, Guarnaschelli serves warmed yeasty, buttery Parker House rolls that are so delicious they practically start riots. F&W's guide to rolls and buns aim to get you the same reaction in your own home. We have incredible recipes and a compilation of tips from chefs who know how to attain bread perfection.

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Pecan-Plantain Sticky Buns

Pastry chef Paola Velez created these pecan-covered treats as a tribute to her Dominican mom's love of both plantains and sticky buns. The soft, ripe plantain gets cooked down to a smooth filling with a touch of brown sugar and a slew of spices, including not only cinnamon and vanilla but also black pepper, allspice, nutmeg, and ginger for added depth. Don't worry if the caramel doesn't look smooth when you pour it into the pan—it will transform into smooth silkiness as it bakes.

Make Better Biscuits with Pasta Flour

Are your biscuits falling flat? Kelly Fields, the Chef Owner of Willa Jean in New Orleans, has an answer: replace your flour.

The Best Thing to Do with Your Biscuit Scraps

Erika Council, the force behind Atlanta’s Bomb Biscuits, has a clever, no-waste trick to get more out of your next batch of biscuits.

Potato Rolls

Rating: Unrated
The perfect potato buns are pillowly, plush and lightly sweet; just right for Lobster BLTs or hamburgers. Potato flour holds moisture, keeping these buns moist even after toasting.

Hot Cross Buns

These cozy yeast-raised buns are a classic for Easter—rich with spices and orange zest and studded with dried fruit, they make an unforgettable addition to a holiday brunch. They’re equally good for breakfast any day, alongside a cup of coffee or tea.

More Rolls + Buns

Cinnamon Roses

Rating: Unrated
This simple yeasted dough is soft and tender, yielding golden, tear-apart rolls. For the best “bloom,” tightly roll the dough, and use unflavored floss to cut roses; it pinches the rolls less than a using a knife.

Sweet Potato Yeast Rolls

Rating: Unrated
When shaping the rolls, use tension in your cupped hand rather than too much excess flour to coax the dough into a ball. A generous brushing of melted butter on the baked rolls adds shine and flavor, while ajowan seeds offer an herbal bite reminiscent of thyme and cumin.

Garlic Bread Rolls

These epically good garlic bread rolls from star chef Daniel Humm are soft, garlicky and super-buttery. The best part is the irresistibly cheesy crumble that’s baked on top. Slideshow: More Dinner Roll Recipes