Watch how to make terrific sourdough and foccacia bread.
Freshly Baked Bread
Credit: Matthew Armendariz

Baking bread can seem daunting. Like many home cooks, former F&W editor-in-chief Dana Cowin was intimidated by the idea of natural fermentation. In an effort to master her mistakes, Cowin stopped by the Institute of Culinary Education, where bakers Sim Cass and Chad Pagano demystified the process and shared how to make amazing loaves of bread at home. Watch the clips below and become an expert bread baker.

The Magic of Bread Baking: Sourdough

In this video, Sim Cass shows how to make fantastic sourdough bread, from harnessing the wild yeast to shaping and proofing the dough. Plus, Cass reveals a trick for adding moisture to the oven while the dough is baking. The result: perfectly dark, crackly loaves that are hollow inside and deliciously chewy.

The Magic of Bread Baking: Focaccia

In this video, Chard Pagano shares how to make Foccacia bread with biga (the traditional Italian pre-ferment) as well as the proper technique for kneading the dough.