Holiday Bread

There's a reason we "break bread." Bread is such a staple at social gatherings, especially holidays, that it symbolizes sharing our food and getting together over a hot meal. Without some kind of bread on the table, a meal can often feel incomplete. And since bread is pretty much a requirement in some households during the holidays, many major occasions are associated with signature dishes. Depending on your background, you might expect panettone for Christmas, dinner rolls or corn bread on Thanksgiving and colorful braided bread at Easter. F&W's guide will explore your favorites and offer enough ideas to make sure your holiday table is always full.

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The Best Mail-Order Panettone of 2016

The holiday season isn’t complete until you’ve sunk your teeth into the towering dome of fluffy, fruity sweet bread known as panettone. This traditional Italian loaf cake is delicious for breakfast and dessert, and it makes the perfect gift to send to your friends and family. But how to sort through the hundreds of available options to find the version that’s most to your taste? Fear not: Our staff tasted over a dozen varieties and came up with a comprehensive list. Here, our 7 favorite mail-order panettone of the year.

Easter Bread Recipes

Typically "Easter bread" is a sweetened, egg bread with traditional origins hailing from European countries, mainly from Greek and Italian heritages. To help you put a twist on tradition, we compiled several sweet bread recipes what are also perfect to serve on Easter Sunday.

Easter Biscuits & Rolls

Easter dinner isn't a holiday meal without a tasty dinner roll or biscuit to complement the menu. From sweet to savory, we have a ton of recipes that will make your Easter Sunday dinner memorable.

Jessamyn's Sephardic Challah

Jessamyn Waldman, founder of Hot Bread Kitchen, grew up in Canada eating challah, the Jewish Sabbath bread. Unlike the eggy challahs of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe, this version comes from the Sephardic Jews of the Mediterranean, who flavored their challahs with caraway and anise. Many challahs are braided, but this one is twisted into a round, turban-shaped loaf.    More Breads from Around the World  

Bacon, Onion and Rye Bread Stuffing

After tossing the ingredients and spreading them in a pan, Melissa Rubel Jacobson chills the stuffing for at least an hour before baking. This ensures that the bread soaks up the liquid—key to a stuffing that's crisp on top and moist within. Variations on this basic bread stuffing recipe are easy, such as Shiitake Mushroom–and–Fresh Herb Stuffing and Whole-Grain Stuffing with Apples, Sausage and Pecans. Slideshow: More Holiday Stuffings and Dressings Slideshow: More Thanksgiving Recipes

Skillet Corn Bread with Figs, Feta and Rosemary

Marcia Kiesel studs corn bread with sweet, chewy figs and salty feta. Baking it in a cast-iron skillet gives it a delicious crusty bottom.    Cooking with Corn  

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