Baked Currant Doughnuts

These delicious recipes include fluffy yeast doughnuts and molasses-cinnamon cake doughnuts.

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Sweet Potato Doughnuts

Sweet Potato Doughnuts
© Con Poulos

Baking the doughnuts and tossing them with a little butter, cinnamon and sugar makes them healthier than fried doughnuts. The sweet potato in the dough adds a lovely, earthy flavor. Instead of slowly baking the potato in the oven, microwave it for just 10 minutes.

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Doughnuts in Cardamom Syrup

Feb. 16: Doughnuts in Cardamom Syrup

These fried doughnuts dunked in a sweet cardamom syrup and sprinkled with almonds are a nod to Sephardic Jewish tradition.

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Dunked Dulce de Leche Doughnuts

Dunked Dulce de Leche Doughnuts

Dulce de leche, a sweet, caramelized milk, flavors both these gluten-free doughnuts and their glaze.

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Doughnut Holes with Raspberry Jam

Doughnut holes

Chef-owner Ginevra Iverson of Restaurant Eloise in Sonoma County, California, serves her light, crisp, sugared doughnut holes with sweet-tart raspberry jam.

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Spiced Cake Doughnuts

Spiced Cake Doughnuts

Lauren Groveman often shakes the warm doughnuts in a plastic bag filled with cinnamon sugar or a combination of unsweetened cocoa powder and granulated sugar.

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Vanilla Raised Doughnuts

Vanilla Raised Doughnuts

Two Seattle bakers with a cult following inspire DIY devotees at home with this delicious homemade doughnut recipe.

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Raspberry Jam Bomboloni

Raspberry Jam Bomboloni
© Quentin Bacon

Kate Neumann reports that whenever she offers bomboloni (Italian donut holes) on the dessert menu at her restaurant, they inevitably sell out. She sometimes makes them at home, too: "They are easy to prepare in advance and then fry at the last moment," she explains, "and they are also quite easy to dress up."

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