Our Best Cornbread Recipes

Skillet Corn Bread with Figs, Feta and Rosemary
Photo: © Ailine Liefeld

Whether you're looking for a comfort food take on classic pot pie or need a perfect fall side dish, cornbread is a savory solution. Here, some of Food & Wine's very best cornbread recipes.

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Skillet Cornbread

Skillet Cornbread
© Abby Hocking

Chef Carla Hall uses creamed corn in her skillet cornbread to give the finished result an extra bit of corn-y texture.

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Corn-Studded Corn Muffins with Honey Mascarpone

Corn-Studded Corn Muffins with Honey Mascarpone
Nicole Franzen

F&W's Justin Chapple keeps his corn muffins light and moist by using buttermilk in the batter.

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Chicken Pot Pie Cornbread Muffins

Chicken Pot Pie Cornbread Muffins

These muffins are great for any meal of the day and make for an especially high-protein breakfast muffin.

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Mini Deviled Crab Cornbread Muffins

Deviled Crab Stuffed mini Cornbread muffins
Kelly Marshall

At his dinner parties in Harlem, chef and cookbook author Alexander Smalls pairs creamy, slightly spicy, fresh deviled crab with tender corn muffins, barely sweetened with brown sugar and studded with corn kernels, for a quick one-bite appetizer.

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Peppered Corn Bread

Tennessee: Corn Bread

John Currence ingeniously uses both naturally low-fat buttermilk and fat-free sour cream to make his tender corn bread.

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Corn Bread with Scallions

Corn Bread with Scallions
© Quentin Bacon

After cooking in Europe and writing and editing in New York, Paula Disbrowe packed her high heels and moved to Texas, where she spent three years as chef at Hart & Hind, a fitness retreat and cattle ranch. One result: Cowgirl Cuisine, with updated chuckwagon recipes like this tender, lightly sweet corn bread.

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Honey Apricot Cornbread Muffins

Honey Apricot Cornbread Muffins

These especially moist cornbread muffins are sweetened mildly with honey, molasses and dried apricots.

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Skillet Corn Bread with Corn Relish

Corn Bread
Food & Wine

Corn relish provides all the seasoning required for this slightly sweet corn bread. The relish also adds heft, making the corn bread substantial enough to serve as a vegetarian lunch with a green salad and some sliced tomatoes.

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Cornbread Chicken Pot Pie

Cornbread Chicken Pot Pie

This southern take on a Yankee classic is the ultimate comfort food.

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Skillet Corn Bread with Figs, Feta and Rosemary

Skillet Corn Bread with Figs, Feta and Rosemary
© Ailine Liefeld

Marcia Kiesel studs corn bread with sweet, chewy figs and salty feta. Baking it in a cast-iron skillet gives it a delicious crusty bottom.

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