Bread Recipes

From baguettes to naan, bread is a staple across the globe. It comes in many forms: leavened and not, flat and square, round and chewy—the list goes on. All bread has at least some sort of grain or flour as the main ingredient. Pumpernickel contains dark rye, sourdough has wheat, and corn bread is made of, what else, ground cornmeal. F&W’s guide is a window to the world’s bread options, with recipes from a variety of countries, techniques for making the best loaves and tips from master bakers.


Baked overnight, this traditional Yemenite Sabbath bread transforms in the oven. White bread dough, coiled in a round, caramelizes during a long, low bake and stays moist thanks to a special thin metal baking tin with a tight-fitting lid referred to as a jachnun or kubaneh pan. The result is a complexly sweet bread with a light brown interior and tender, golden brown crust. A stock pot or large saucepan may also be used in place of a jachnun pan; see Note for more information.
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Kubaneh Toast with Brown Sugar Ricotta and Berries

The molasses in brown sugar is naturally acidic and works to turn milk and cream into ricotta while also leaving behind a sweet caramel flavor. Set up the ricotta and start baking the bread the night before you plan to serve the toast; both will be ready as if by magic in the morning. If desired, 3 cups store-bought fresh ricotta may be lightly sweetened to taste with brown sugar.
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The Easiest Way to Support Small Bakeries? A Surprise Bread Box

Receiving an assortment of goodies from independent businesses in the New York City area made my entire week. Now, Bread Basket NYC is delivering nationwide.
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More Bread + Dough

Lisa Donovan’s Pie Dough

Using a European-style butter with a higher butterfat percentage produces a super-flaky, tender, and flavorful crust. Donovan does not include sugar in her crust, but the high ratio of butter provides plenty of browning and flavor.