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From baguettes to naan, bread is a staple across the globe. It comes in many forms: leavened and not, flat and square, round and chewy-the list goes on. All bread has at least some sort of grain or flour as the main ingredient. Pumpernickel contains dark rye, sourdough has wheat, and corn bread is made of, what else, ground cornmeal. F&W's guide is a window to the world's bread options, with recipes from a variety of countries, techniques for making the best loaves and tips from master bakers.

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Hot Honey–Carrot Flatbreads with Basil Chermoula

The former chef of 232 Bleecker in New York City, Gramercy Tavern alumna Suzanne Cupps gives silky, sweet-spicy honey-glazed roasted carrots the main-dish treatment, serving them atop ricotta-smeared flatbread with a drizzle of bright basil chermoula. Use leftover chermoula to top sliced tomatoes, grilled eggplant, or tofu.

Loaded Pita Nachos with Lentil Chili and Feta Queso

In this recipe for plant-based nachos, pita chips are drizzled with a feta queso and then laden with lentil chili, harissa-spiked pickled cabbage, and a dollop of creamy labneh. Make the chips, queso, and cabbage ahead of time to help this dish come together easily, or use store-bought pita chips, if desired. The tangy feta queso gets its smooth body from the addition of red lentils and is a versatile ingredient on its own, says Cassie Piuma of Sarma in Somerville, Massachusetts: "We use this queso in mac and cheese and sub it in as a sauce for eggplant parm or moussaka."

Pon de Ring (Mochi-Tofu Doughnuts)

Silken tofu gives these strawberry-flavored mochi-tofu doughnuts (inspired by pon de ring doughnuts popularized in Japan) a chewy, springy texture, while mochiko (sweet glutinous rice flour) helps the doughnuts get an airy, crispy crust. The dough and glaze get their strawberry flavor from strawberry powder; to make your own, pulse freeze-dried strawberries in a food processor until finely ground. This recipe can be adapted to make lemon-flavored doughnuts; read to the bottom of the recipe for instructions on how to make the lemon pon de ring variation.

Queso Fresco Sourdough Biscuits With Chimichurri

This recipe by game-changing baker Bryan Ford, author of New World Sourdough, uses sourdough starter discard, the delicious and versatile byproduct of making sourdough bread. It gives these cheesy, chimichurri-laced biscuits a tangy flavor. Trimming the edges of the rolled biscuits gives them a higher rise and an even square shape, but you can bake with folded edges for a rustic look.

Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Donuts

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The first bite of one of these buttermilk donuts takes you from a super crunchy, craggy crust to a deliciously tender cake interior, all draped in a glorious lemonade-like glaze. A touch of nutmeg adds a touch of old-fashioned flavor. Be sure to drain the donuts twice—first on a wire rack and then again on paper towels—to remove any excess oil before glazing them.

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The Soda Bread I Learned From My Irish Mom's Home Ec Textbook

For a baked good with such simple ingredients, soda bread has the range. Light and cake-like or dense and hearty, it all tastes good with Irish butter.

Irish Soda Bread

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This recipe is based on the one my Irish mother learned in school, thanks to the cooking textbook All in the Cooking. It’s about as simple as bread gets—four ingredients, one bowl, about five minutes to bring together and less than an hour in the oven. If you love soda bread, it’s worth seeking out Irish flour like Odlum’s or King Arthur’s Irish-Style Flour, since that contributes to the taste, but any all-purpose flour will work fine here. 

Ragi Roti

These flatbreads made with hearty, versatile millet flour are equal parts crispy and chewy, with whole cumin seeds, fresh herbs, and aromatics cooked right into the dough. The center holes allow steam to escape, resulting in a crispier roti. While they’re perfect for sopping up dal, these roti make a filling snack or lunch topped with creamy yogurt swirled with spicy tomato achaar or Indian pickle.