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Summer Cocktails

Food & Wine’s Perfect Whisky Cocktails for Father’s Day

Need a great cocktail for Father’s Day? Whisky is a classic Father’s Day gift, so it makes sense to deploy that delicious bottle in a range of summer-friendly cocktails. These classic whisky (or whiskey) cocktail,, from swizzles to juleps, are a great way to let your liquor cabinet work for you.

5 Best-Ever Summer Brunch Cocktails

From Bloody Marys to Bellinis, here are five fantastic cocktails to make this weekend.

What to Get Your Dad This Father's Day

We know he doesn’t need another new tie or whisky rocks, but Dad deserves something great for Father’s Day all the same. These foolproof options will impress him and the whole family, from carbon steel cooking tools and a wine club membership to chocolate truffles and chili olive oil. Read on for 16 great things to share with the father in your life.

21 Summer Cocktails to Help You Cool Off

When the weather heats up, refreshing summer cocktails are the perfect way to stay cool. Some of our favorites include a cucumber-rose gin spritz, which gets subtle floral flavor from dried rose petals, and a rosy-red sangria flavored with hibiscus tea—we’d never pass up a frozen drink, either. Read on for those recipes, and more summer cocktails we love. 

Cocktails for Grilling

These refreshing cocktails include Riesling sangria with lychees, and blackberry-mint juleps.

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The King

Chef Tim Love, whose specialty is all things meat (burgers, steaks), says this variation on an old-fashioned is just the kind of cocktail he likes while sitting around the fire at his ranch after a day of hunting. He prefers making it with Crown Royal, "the unofficial whisky of Texas," he says.

Liquor Cabinet Roulette

3 Single-Serving Holiday Cocktails to Make Your Spirits Bright

You probably won't be ladling out cheer from a punch bowl this year. Here are three drinks to make for solo celebrations.