Food & Wine Testers Say This French Press Makes the Smoothest, Most Flavorful Brew Out There, and It’s 40% Off Right Now

Plus, tons of shoppers and coffee-fans alike love it.

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Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Maker


Some of us are constantly on the hunt for the most flavorful, full-bodied cups of coffee we can find. And, if you’re one of those folks, you should really make room for a trusty French press on your kitchen counter. These easy-to-use coffee makers have long upheld their loved reputation for years thanks to their ability to make coffee’s flavor notes shine — and the Bodum Chambord French Press is known as one of the best you can get. 

This coffee maker not only exceeded all others in our very own tests, but it’s also garnered quite the fan base among coffee lovers themselves with over 12,700 perfect ratings on Amazon. And you can snap it up for 40% off at Amazon right now. 

Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Maker


To buy: Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, $33 (originally $55) at

Food & Wine testers grabbed nearly two-dozen popular French presses to compare against one another, and this one came out on top thanks to its ability to make a smooth, consistent cup every single time. Which, if you’ve tried your fair share of French presses, isn’t always easy to come by. 

It brews up a cup in just 4 minutes according to the brand. All you need is coarsely ground coffee and hot water to make it happen. Its thoughtful design features a glass body, plus a stainless steel cage and plunger that’s got a mesh filter to help extract as much oil and flavor from the coffee as possible. Its 34-ounce capacity so you can make eight perfectly portioned cups of coffee at once. When you go to pour, spilling likely won’t be an issue thanks to a  sturdy patented lid and an easy-to-hold handle. 

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Food & Wine testers found that this design was their favorite since it comes together easily to produce a smooth, full-bodied cup with no unwanted grounds, and flavorful balance with no excessive bitterness. It’s got no frills or fuss, plus the whole thing is dishwasher safe for easy clean up too. 

For beginners and seasoned coffee-lovers alike, it’s best not to pass on this deal. Score the Bodum Chambord French Press now while it’s 40% off. 

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