Keep Your Produce Fresh for Longer with This ‘Little Money Saver’ Amazon Shoppers Are Raving About

It’s only $14 right now.

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We’ve all been guilty of getting a little over-excited at the grocery store and buying a little too many blueberries. And while you can go bananas with shelf stable foods like canned soup, when it comes to produce, self-control is key. After all, it’s never a good feeling to be wasteful, but sometimes you bite off more than you can chew, or simply buy more than you can chew before it goes bad. 

That’s where these produce savers from Bluapple come in. According to thousands of Amazon shoppers, they have helped them keep any kind of produce fresher for longer. And right now, you can score a pack of two for just $14.

Bluapple Produce Saver


To buy: Bluapple Produce Saver 2-Pack, $14 (originally $18) at

These Bluapple produce savers are easy to use. They look like little blue apples, and all you do is put a packet inside the apple, and then place it in a fruit bowl, in a crisper drawer, or in the fridge near your fruit and vegetables. They work by absorbing ethylene gas that produce naturally emits, and by doing so, help your produce last up to two to three times longer, according to the brand. The brand also mentions that each packet lasts up to three months, so with two of these your crisper drawers should be set. 

If you’re skeptical, this product has over 4,800 perfect ratings at Amazon, with reviewers raving about how well it works. One reviewer writes, “I was very skeptical when I got these but they work! Kept both my vegetables and fruits fresh. Didn't have to throw things out within a week of getting them.”

Another adds, “I love this little money saver. I seem to always purchase too much fruit and vegetables and they go bad before we can eat them. I put this in our fridge drawer and I had grapes that lasted weeks longer than normally. It saves us a lot.”

If you’re tired of throwing out fruits and vegetables that went bad way too quickly, snap up these produce savers while they’re still 22% off at Amazon

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