A Chardonnay blanc de blancs sparkling wine from Greenhill Vineyards in Middleburg, Virginia, is among the least ridiculous items in this goody bag. 

By F&W Editors
February 11, 2016

Some might argue that getting nominated for an Oscar is its own reward, win or lose; for everyone else, there's the swag bag. 

Every year, Academy Award nominees who attend the ceremony are gifted an extravagant goody bag: Previous years' bags have reportedly included $4,000 wearable liposuctiona $16,000 hair transplant offer; and $20,000 worth of mind control lessons. According to CNBC, the 2016 bag is equally luxurious: Valued at $220,000, it includes a Vampire breast lift treatment (which, according to CNBC, "uses a woman's own blood to improve skin appearance and softness"), a 15-day, $45,000 walking tour of Japan, a $55,000 VIP trip to Israel—which has already sparked some controversy—$5,000 worth of plastic surgery treatments, and more. (To be fair, there is also a donation of 10,000 meals to an animal shelter or rescue operation.) 

In addition to all this, according to The Drinks Business, there is a bottle of Chardonnay blanc de blancs sparkling wine from Greenhill Vineyards in Middleburg, Virginia, as well as a tasting at the vineyard.  

If you are not lucky enough to be nominated for an Academy Award but want to taste the spoils of the swag bag, consider buying the wine, a sparkling white from Virginia. Valued at $39, you can purchase it online at the Greenhill Vineyards website.