Ratha Tep
Updated May 23, 2017

When oil prices went through the roof this summer and airlines started charging all sorts of never-before-seen fees, a lot of my friends were hunkering down, forgoing any air travel, and for the first time, using that odd blend of words: staycation. But now that we're officially in a recession and discretionary spending is being, well, regarded with heavier discretion, airlines have begun slashing their prices to entice travelers. (Airfarewatchdog.com is a particularly great aggregator of airfare deals.)

For those of you about to travel, check out our "Where to Eat Out During the Holidays" guide, showcasing five great restaurants in 10 cities around the country and what special offerings they'll have for the Christmas week. (If I were going to San Francisco, I'd put in an advance order for A16's holiday dishes, like porchetta and whole roasted duck. And according to a quick search on Travelocity.com, I could get to San Francisco next week for a bargain $288 roundtrip.)

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