The best recipes for an amazing dinner for one.

By F&W Editors
February 10, 2016

So you don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day. That’s great news! You get to skip the boring prix fixe and forgo the uncomfortable fancy clothing. Craving garlic? Go for it! Want to wear your sweats and Slanket? Layer up! Want to drink an entire bottle of wine out of one giant glass? Maybe start with half a bottle—but you get the idea! Being single on Valentine’s Day is all about treating yourself. Here, our best, ultra-satisfying recipes for one.

1. Omelet Soufflé 

This elegant omelet for one is deliciously airy and cheesy.

2. Single Serving Tortilla Soup 

Making tortilla soup doesn't have to necessitate inviting over a crowd or storing tons of leftovers. This recipe is perfect for one large dinner—pile on the sour cream.

3. Egg Tortilla with Cumin Sour Cream 

In this delicious riff on a quesadilla, eggs are lightly scrambled, then a corn tortilla is pressed onto them and they're cooked further with grated cheese.

4. Margherita Pizza with Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil 

Don’t order in pizza—make your own! It’s easy, plus you can add as much cheese as you want.

5. Flank Steak Burrito with Guacamole and Salsa 

This recipe makes two normal-size burritos or one epic, giant burrito.

6. Single Serving Chicken Stir-Fry 

Go ahead, eat this easy stir-fry straight from the pan.

7. Stovetop Asparagus Frittata 

Treat mom to this beautiful, single-serving frittata topped with asparagus, prosciutto and crème fraîche.


For this single-serving frittata, chef Nancy Silverton cooks the eggs gently then tops them with asparagus, prosciutto and crème fraîche.

8. Chocolate Chunk Cookie for One 

© Con Poulos

This toaster-oven-ready recipe from F&W's Justin Chapple makes a single, perfect chocolate chip cookie—the smart way to satisfy a sweet craving without going overboard.