Kate Krader
Updated May 23, 2017

I’m normally someone who thinks waffles should just say no to any toppings other than butter and maple syrup. Apparently, some talented chefs see things differently; they're serving waffles with savory toppings inspired by the classic Southern pairing of waffles and fried chicken. I have to admit, some of these dishes sound pretty appealing. At Chicago’s Eve Restaurant, Troy Graves (left) uses a tasso ham waffle as a base for buttermilk-fried oysters. At Zazu in Santa Rosa, California, chefs Duskie Estes and John Stewart top cornmeal waffles with lavender-fried rabbit. And at the Lodge Restaurant of Castle Hills in San Antonio, Texas, Jason Dady makes a dinner dish he calls “breakfast”: pink-peppercorn waffles with braised pork belly, blueberry jam and maple butter.

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