Ray Isle
October 15, 2009

Yes, oddly enough, social networking phenomenon Twitter is coming out with a wine (full story from the SF Weekly blog here). No idea how good the juice is, as it won't be bottled until August of 2010, but the proceeds are going to a good cause—Room to Read, a global charity that seeks to improve literacy rates among rural and impoverished children. More info can be had at the wine project's website.

On a side note, I met Twitter founder Biz Stone at a dinner party about five years ago. He was carrying on about the unbelievable future of blogs, social media, and so on. I thought to myself, this guy's kind of nuts about this stuff, uh, right—good luck with that. So, wow. Excellent job of predicting the future, Mr. Wine Writer. It's not like anyone has offered me half a billion dollars for anything I've founded recently...

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