Instagram is populated by four kinds of photos: selfies, cute animals, pretty places and food. Now two of those categories have merged into one very specific trend: the #burritoselfie.

By F&W Editors
December 03, 2015

No, burritos haven’t gained sentience and suddenly started taking pictures of themselves. A burrito selfie is a pic that you take of yourself and your best food buddy, the burrito. And we are totally for it. Check out BuzzFeed for some prime examples of the phenomena and take your own with these delicious DIY burritos you can make at home.

1. Chicken Burrito with Spinach 
A handful of fresh spinach takes these simple chicken burritos to a new level of healthy deliciousness.

2. Flank Steak Burrito with Guacamole and Salsa 
An ancho chile powder rub gives lots of flavor and a little bit of spice to the juicy steak in this recipe.

3. Chicken Burritos with Black-Bean Salsa and Pepper Jack 
Pepper Jack cheese looks innocent enough but adds a nice kick to these burritos.

4. Roasted Vegetable Burrito 
Switch the veggies seasonally to make this burrito a little different throughout the year.

5. Chicken Burrito with Sautéed Kale 
Tender pieces of kale sautéed with garlic and onions add a nice twist to this simple burrito.

6. Vegan Breakfast Burrito 
This vegan burrito is made with a tofu scramble for a healthy and filling start to the day.

7. Chicken Burrito with Brown Rice 
Brown rice is a healthy replacement for beans.

8. Crispy Fried Fish Burrito 
Light and crispy fish is a terrific filling.

9. Quick-and-Easy Rotisserie Chicken Burrito 
Using store-bought rotisserie chicken is an easy shortcut.

These delicious chicken wraps are ready in just 8 minutes.

10. Sweet Potato-Chorizo-Swiss Chard Burrito 
This unusual burrito is packed with sweet and spicy flavors.