TV star Andrew Zimmern loves making strawberry jam. Here's his wonderfully sweet-tart recipe.

By Andrew Zimmern
June 30, 2014

Andrew Zimmern’s tart strawberry vinegar jam is the perfect spring condiment. It goes well with biscuits, on toast, in donuts. The list of pairings is endless.

Madeleine Hill

I’m not a hobbyist cook in the strict sense, but I love to put up food. I don’t can many vegetables, I prefer to freeze or process them some other way, but I love making strawberry jam. There is nothing—nothing—like the taste of overripe summer berries. They need to be red all the way through—the type of juicy berry that inspires you to keep napkins around for your elbows and cheeks.

I started putting vinegar in my strawberry jam a while ago because I like the tartness. If you want to omit the vinegar, go right ahead; just knock the sugar down a notch. Sometimes I make this recipe with a cup of slivered basil leaves as well. Get the Recipe

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