Who hasn't obsessed over a Reuben sandwich, stacked high with rosy-hued meat?

By ChefSteps Team
April 09, 2015

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Who hasn't obsessed over a Reuben sandwich, stacked high with rosy-hued meat? Or a sloppy corned beef hash, fragrant and hearty and intensely delicious when topped with a runny egg? And then there's corned beef and cabbage—one of the most comforting combinations that ever came out of the kitchen. These dishes rank high among the most crave-able—not to mention satisfying—meals you can sink your teeth into. And while it's easy to pop by the market and pick up some prepared meat, this recipe rivals any corned beef we've ever tried—and requires surprisingly little work on the part of the cook.

Still, we need to work some magic on that meat. Cut from the lower breast of the cow, brisket is cheap, but it can be one tough customer. Transforming it into juicy, gorgeous corned beef replete with rich flavor isn't difficult or work-intensive, but it does take some time.

We start by brining the meat in a mixture of spices, salt, sugar, and water, then let it bathe in flavor for seven to ten days. We dry it off, give it a quick rub, and then it's straight into a water bath where it evolves into a deeply flavored treat that you can take tailgaiting, pile onto a plate with some cabbage, or mix into a hash for a kickass weekend breakfast. Try it once, and you'll never go back to the supermarket stuff.

Get the full recipe at chefsteps.com.

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