F&W's Justin Chapple reveals the brilliant chef tricks behind his lemony layered cheesecake and super-simple homemade ice cream.

By Justin Chapple
July 07, 2014

Between the lemon, graham crackers, and blueberries, Justin Chapple’s tangy icebox cake is perfect for summer. And, it’s simple to assemble if you opt for premade ingredients, as Chapple recommends. But if you’re feeling ambitious, up it a notch with homemade lemon curd.

So many of the tricks I’ve picked up in the F&W Test Kitchen come from chefs. The better the chef, the simpler the trick. I’m not embarrassed to say I borrowed an idea for my icebox cheesecake from Michelle Polzine, the pastry chef behind San Francisco’s 20th Century Café, who inspired me to fold lemon curd into whipped cream. Spanish legend Ferran Adrià has an ingenious method for making ice cream without an ice cream machine by blending frozen fruit with sugar and fromage blanc; my own trick is to swap in sweetened condensed milk to make the recipe more accessible.

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