Fantastic Scotch suggestions for the Anchorman character in you.

By Justine Sterling
December 19, 2013

After a nine-year wait, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues debuted last night. The movie, which follows anchorman and Scotch-lover Ron Burgundy as he makes his way through the 1980s, is sure to whet audiences’ appetites for delicious “Scotchy Scotch Scotch.” In fact, the movie’s marketing team anticipated that craving and released a Burgundy-branded Scotch called Great Odin’s Raven Special Reserve. But drinking Ron Burgundy liquor while watching a Ron Burgundy movie would be like wearing a band’s t-shirt to their show. Here, fantastic Scotch suggestions for the Anchorman character in you.

The Purist: Ron Burgundy
Among the Scotchiest of Scotches are those made in Islay, where the Scotch is pungently peaty, briny and smoky. Ardbeg’s Alligator is a fantastic expression of those qualities, with an especially serious kick of smoke thanks to partial aging in heavily charred barrels. The most recent 2011 release was so well received that it is now hard to find. This would be no problem for a connected man like Burgundy, but for us plebeians, it’s easier to stay classy with the Ardbeg 10 year, which has the same peat-heavy flavor but is lighter on the smoke. $50;

The Practical: Veronica Coringstone
A strong, independent woman like Veronica Coringstone wants something practical. This Highland Park single malt is affordable for a 15-year Scotch, great with foods like salty cheeses and immensely drinkable. It won't hit you over the head with smoke and peat. Instead, has intriguing hints of each, making it hard to put down. $65;

The Ladies’ Man: Brian Fantana
New to U.S. shelves, the shiny, gold-bottled Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve would be both a good party gift and party drink—perfect for the smooth-talking Brian Fantana and much more effective than Sex Panther. It’s mild and has peachy notes, so it works well both on the rocks and in a simple cocktail, like a Scotch and soda with a few dashes of orange bitters. $90;

The Young-At-Heart: Brick Tamland
For the Brick Tamlands of the world who aren’t the deepest of thinkers, the Compass Box Peat Monster 10th Anniversary is great because of its label: There's a monster on it, so it's both easy to remember and fun to look at. Of course, the Scotch has other desirable qualities. This blend of single malts from Islay, the Highlands and Brora is terrifically peaty with a long, smooth finish. But if you're like Brick, you'll just love monster. $135;

The Show-Off: Wes Mantooth
Sold in a handmade crystal decanter designed by French creative director Fabien Baron and crafted by Lalique, M by The Macallan is all rich flavors of dried plums and spices. Just 1,750 were made and can be purchased for $4,500 a bottle. The truly deep-pocketed should spring for the giant, six-liter edition that's expected to sell at auction in Hong Kong for around $500,000. For a man like Wes Mantooth who’s always trying to one up Ron Burgundy, this would do the trick. $4,500;

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