By F&W Editors
October 31, 2013

F&W asked chefs around the country how they would prepare for an apocalyptic situation, a la The Road. Some went for luxury goods—others focused on survival.

To snack on during the apocalypse, Salt Lake City chef Ryan Lowder would whip up a batch of Crack Fritos: “Take a bag of Fritos, put a little Sriracha in there and shake it up. It’s delicious. Fritos are just oil and corn, too, so they’re not necessarily that bad for you. They’re light and will last.” Also in his pack: house-canned tomatoes, dried macaroni, salt and pepper. “I can live on that,” he says. He would also bring his dog along. “I’d pack him dehydrated bull penises, which are like rawhide,” Lowder says. “They keep him busy for days.”

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