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Anatomy of a dish: the Arctic Bird's Nest at Aquavit.

Christine Quinlan
Updated May 24, 2017

“I wasn't supposed to take the goat cheese parfait off the menu,” says Emma Bengtsson, the chef at New York City’s Aquavit since 2014. “But I wanted to turn that dessert into something more me—more this decade.” The result is the Arctic Bird’s Nest, with the goat-cheese parfait transformed into the filling for white-chocolate eggs with sea buckthorn “yolks.” 65 E. 55th St.; aquavit.org.

1. Honey tuile nest: Bengtsson runs a tiling trowel over batter, then shapes the tuile (cookie) by hand. 

2. Chocolate twigs: Tempered chocolate piped into ice water resembles twigs. 

3. Freeze-dried raspberries: Liquid nitrogen freezes berries that Bengtsson breaks into shards. 

4. Brownie dirt: Crumbled brownies (Bengtsson’s grandmother’s recipe) resemble soil.

5. Shredded halvah: Bengtsson shreds the sesame candy so it looks like feathers.