This gives a new meaning to the “kid’s menu.”

By Justine Sterling
April 12, 2016
© Radius Images / Alamy  

If your child prefers caviar to hot dogs and uni to ice cream, listen up: On April 26, NYC restaurants like Blue Hill, Atera, Del Posto and Per Se will serve a special menu to kid diners for just $30. Organized by Nordic cooking superstar and Noma co-founder Claus Meyer, the Kid’s Table project invites children aged 7-14 years to dine at Michelin-starred restaurants—no parents allowed (they are asked to wait outside of the restaurant during the meal). The three-course menus at each of the ten participating restaurants will include three seasonal ingredients: rhubarb, lamb and turnip.

This is the first time Meyer has hosted this type of event in America, but Kid’s Table has been an annual occurrence in Denmark since 2011. The tickets typically sell out within hours. Last year, over 90 different restaurants participated, hosting more than 4,000 kids.

By giving children the opportunity to not only experience an amazing meal at a top-tier restaurant but to dine there without their parents, Meyer believes that he is empowering kids to be more courageous in their eating habits. “It’s a very special moment,” Meyer said, per Eater. “They are treated like adults.”

The seating for Per Se has already sold out, but tickets for the remaining nine restaurants are available at