The Modern Family star gives an inside look into his food-centric life.

By Annie Quigley
April 08, 2016
© Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Role Play
In Fully Committed, I play 40 characters—the main character, who is a reservationist, plus the people who call trying to get into this hot restaurant in New York City. I also play the chef, the line cook, the maître d’, the business manager, Gwyneth Paltrow's assistant...I modeled the hostess after Adele.

Restaurant Intel

The play’s director, Jason Moore, and I went to Daniel and Jean-Georges in Manhattan. I called the host desk at Jean-Georges to say I was running late and really paid attention to how the person answering the phone treated me. I dropped my napkin a few extra times to see how quickly 
they would pick it up. They were right on it.

Reservation Rejection

There have been times since Modern Family started that I’ve tried to name-drop myself to get a restaurant reservation. They never care. It’s humiliating.

Chef for a Day

Justin, my husband, gave me a coupon book. It has everything from a pasta-making class with Nancy Silverton to throwing a dinner party with F&W’s Justin Chapple to working a shift on the line at Terrine, the L.A. restaurant we’re investors in.

Drinking on the Modern Family Set

Ty Burrell and I share a passion for cocktails. We’re always trading recipes. He’s actually made me home-distilled gin a few times. And Ed O’Neill is a huge wine-o. He loves a great red.

Superhuman Cooking
I’m really interested in creating things the way that chefs do. I’m always Googling simple techniques like how to dice an onion or debone chicken. I bought a chef jacket, and when I put it on I get superambitious for some reason. It’s like a Superman cape. I just feel like I can do anything. I can’t, but I feel like I can.