By Tina Ujlaki
May 17, 2013

© Jasmin Sun

© Jasmin Sun

F&W food editors apply their incredible cooking knowledge to explaining what to do with a variety of interesting ingredients.

I’ve been grilling this best-ever Jamaican Jerk Chicken regularly since we first published the recipe almost 20 years ago. I often serve it with Jamaican Rice and Peas and Crab Curry Rundown, for an all-Jamaican summer feast.

The rest of the year, I get my Jamaican fix at Miss Lily’s, a great little corner spot in Soho that’s also home to a record store, a radio station and New York City’s maverick Juice Master, Melvin. The restaurant’s consulting chef has cleverly figured out how to bottle all that Jamaican goodness in a new line of marinades and sauces. The jerk marinade is chunky, fresh tasting and fiery, as it should be, packed with scallion, allspice and Scotch bonnet peppers—a one-stop flavor fix for marinating chicken, pork, shrimp, lamb, and my favorite, goat. If you’re not sure you’re into jerk, you’ll love the more familiar BBQ sauces—I like the super Rass Hot BBQ sauce, with its habanero kick, but there’s a milder version, too, for beginners.

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