Chefs around the country are finding new potential in rice of all kinds—white, brown, 
red and black. Akasha Richmond of L.A.’s Akasha shares recipes for a fantastic 
Indian meal centered on bowls of aromatic forbidden black rice and nutty brown basmati.

By Kate Heddings
December 09, 2015
© John Kernick

1. Forbidden Black Rice with Ginger and Cardamom 
This striking black rice gets flavor from fresh ginger, cardamom and shallot.

© John Kernick

2. Brown Basmati Rice with Coconut and Turmeric
Amp up the flavor of brown basmati rice with coconut milk, turmeric and fresh mint.

3. Red Lentil Dal with Mustard Seeds
Spice fragrant Indian-style stewed lentils with cumin, ginger and bay leaf.

© John Kernick

4. Masala Prawns 
Marinate the shrimp in a punchy mix of spices, shallots, ginger and lime before grilling.

© John Kernick

5. Ginger Turky Meatballs 
Richmond uses only six ingredients to make her Indian-style meatballs, including sambar masala, the aromatic Indian spice mix.

© John Kernick