Smart ways to make the most of your ice cube trays.

By F&W Editors
April 23, 2016

These popsicles are a great fat-free snack, made with lots of naturally sweet watermelon and only a little sugar. They can be frozen in special popsicle molds or in standard ice cube trays (three cubes equals one serving).

Ice cube trays don’t just make ice—no matter what their name may imply. If you can spare a tray or two, we have a few great frozen water-free ways you can put them to use.

Make Beef Jerky
Dry beef jerky in a microwave on top of silicone ice cube trays. It’s easy if you follow this simple recipe.

Simplify Piña Coladas
Bartender Jeff Bell of Manhattan’s PDT freezes coconut water and a mix of fruit juices in ice cube trays, then, whenever he wants to make piña coladas, he blends the frozen fruit cubes with rum.

© David Malosh

Make Popsicles
For super-healthy popsicles, fill ice cube trays with lightly sweetened watermelon puree and freeze for about three hours, inserting toothpicks about halfway through.

Stock up on Stock
Ultra-useful bouillon cubes are a snap to make at home. Simply make stock using this recipe, then add chopped herbs, pour into ice cube trays and freeze for the next time you need to give a soup or sauce a boost of broth.

© Con Poulos