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Francis Mallmann's mouthwatering gnocchi presents pefectly contrasting flavors.

Annie Quigley
Updated May 24, 2017

"It's very important to have opposites in life," says Argentinean chef Francis Mallmann. "You sleep one night in a beautiful hotel, and then the next night you sleep under a tree. If you always sleep in a palace, it's very boring. And if you always sleep under a tree, it's sort of chilly." Mallmann—the author of Mallmann on Fire and the "Ambassador of Fire" at Miami Beach's Faena Hotel, where he has a new restaurant, Los Fuegos—applies this philosophy of opposites to his food. For example, in his gnocchi with chorizo sauce, "the chorizo has a very peasant, strong flavor, and the delicate gnocchi melt in your mouth. When you have clashes of tastes in your mouth, it makes you awake." 3201 Collins Ave.; faena.com.