By Alessandra Bulow
July 26, 2012

Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey isn't a fan of Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl or cousin Kathy Wakile's posters.

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Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey isn’t a fan of Bethenny Frankel, even though Frankel is the most successful former housewife to come away from Bravo's reality TV series (her Skinnygirl beverage line sold to Jim Beam for an estimated $100 million last year). “Anything that tastes diet-y—for instance SkinnyGirl—I don’t like that,” Teresa said during Sunday’s episode. Instead of following Bethenny's steps to success, she and her fellow castmates demonstrated how they conduct business.
1. Research “Ingrediences”
Teresa Giudice met with an enologist at Brotherhood Winery to formulate a bottled bubbly peach cocktail named Fabellini. During the tasting, Teresa tells the enologist that she’s been researching “ingrediences” aka ingredients for her bellini.
2. Involve Your Husband
Joe Giudice joined his wife at the bellini tasting and proceeded to get buzzed, red-faced and overly chatty. “These people are looking at me like ‘would you shut your freaking husband up,’” Teresa says.
3. Order Sleazy Cocktails
Joe isn’t the only one who gets lit in a business setting. At a work lunch, Jacqueline Laurita ordered a provocatively-named cocktail by telling the waiter “I could use a Screaming Orgasm. I’ve always wanted to ask for that.” For the record, this drink includes vodka, amaretto, coffee liqueur and Irish cream liqueur.
4. Make Posters
For a friends and family tasting of her homemade desserts (red velvet cupcakes, frozen cannoli, tiramisu), Kathy Wakile set up a tent with posters in the parking lot of an ice cream store. “I don’t want to compare my book signing to her event but my daughters have posters like that when they have a lemonade stand,” says Teresa.
5. Choose a Quiet Setting—Like a Cemetery
Kathy invites Giacomo Berretta, CFO of Italian dessert company Bindi, to attend her dessert tasting. She takes him aside, next to a cemetery, and says “I want to sit down with you about making my dessert recipes with your flavorings and see where we could take this to the next level.” Later, reflecting on the meeting location, she says, “My desserts, they’re to die for.”

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