Forget the centerpieces—cocktails are much better vessels for floral arrangements.

By F&W Editors
March 17, 2016

Hosting a bridal shower? Here’s an idea: flowers, everywhere! Along with beautiful bouquets and party favors, wow your guests (and the bride-to-be) with an array of gorgeous, garden-inspired drinks. Here, the most beautiful cocktails for a bridal shower that could rival the wedding.

1. The Don’s Bramble 

Muddled blackberries give this cocktail its beautiful hue.

2. Rose Martinis 


Homemade rose water is the key to these gorgeous martinis.

3. Lilikoi 

This tangy mango mocktail is garnished with an edible orchid.

4. Cholo Fresco 

What’s fresher than cucumber, melon, mint and lime?

5. Of Mountains and Valleys 

© Lucas Allen

Vodka and Scotch are a surprisingly delicious pairing.

6. The Harrier 

This lavender-scented riff on a Greyhound is made with gin instead of vodka.

7. Vodka-Rose Punch 

Padma Lakshmi loves the floral accent and frilly ping tinge rose syrup gives to drinks.

8. Passionflower 

This cocktail gets its "passion" from Parfait Amour ("perfect love"), a sweet violet liqueur flavored with violet petals, orange peel and vanilla bean.

9. La Joie 

Hibiscus flowers give this cocktail is floral-fruity flavor.