Just as kids are going on Christmas break, Top Chef cheftestants were sent back to school. 

By Justine Sterling
December 19, 2013

Just as kids are going on Christmas break, Top Chef cheftestants were sent back to school. But first: a Quickfire challenge judged by The Roots drummer and drumstick aficionado, Questlove. The chefs were presented with a tableful of drumsticks from a variety of birds, ranging from the standard chicken to the minuscule quail to the massive turkey. There was a mad scramble for the best legs, then the chefs got to cooking. The prize: immunity and a Toyota Rav4.

The Elimination Challenge found the chef at Louisiana State University, the only college to house a live tiger, Mike. After spending a night in the dorms, the chefs had to cook for 500 incoming freshman using the school’s impressive cafeteria. Some took to being a lunch lady like a crawfish to water, others failed out of school. For those playing F&W’s Fantasy Top Chef, here are the points earned and lost by chefs last night.

Shirley Chung: +10 for winning the Elimination Challenge with her roast beef and fire-roasted tomatoes. Total points: 56

Nicholas Elmi: +2 for being a gentleman by helping Shirley up when she fell running for the drumsticks, thereby losing his chance to get the drumsticks he wanted. Total points: 54

Nina Compton: -3 for being on the bottom on the Elimination Challenge for her watery corn puree and not-fried-enough chicken. Total points: 51

Carrie Mashaney: +3 for winning the Quickfire Challenge with her perfectly cooked “squabbies” (squab drumsticks). -2 for her terrible broccoli salad, which the judges said would have gotten her sent home had she not had immunity. Total points: 47

Carlos Gaytan: -1 for attempting to hack the bone off of his goose drumstick, which led to Padma biting down on a shard. -1 for whining about how he really needed to work on the plancha and essentially forcing Shirley to give up that station. -2 for telling the judges that Nick stole his ovens—not true—when his fish took 15 minutes to get to them. +3 for being on the top of the Elimination Challenge with his simple, focused fish. Total points: 46

Stephanie Cmar: +1 for referring to the Terlato wine as a “safety blanket.” -3 for being on the bottom of the Elimination Challenge with her soggy, curdy grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Total points: 38

Brian Huskey: +1 for using the chicken drumsticks to make chicken soup during the Quickfire. +3 for being on the top of the Elimination Challenge with his shrimp cakes, a favorite of the freshmen. Total points: 24

Justin Devillier: -10 for being told to pack his knives and go for his bland, overly “cheffy” shrimp. Total points: 22

Louis Maldonado:+2 for continuing his winning streak on Last Chance Kitchen. Total points: 16

Keep up to date with the current standings with F&W’s updated roster.

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