Chef Eric Banh remembers when he first got hooked on eggnog. 

By F&W Editors
December 25, 2013

After a night on the line, most chefs have a go-to drink, from cheap beer to a house bartender's expert cocktail. Here, star chefs reveal their favorite drinks.

Eggnog is one of the first tastes chef Eric Banh remembers after arriving in Edmonton, Canada, from Vietnam in 1979. “I tasted it and thought, ‘Oh, my God, what is this? I’m hooked,'” he says. “Starting in October, I drink eggnog literally weekly. We make it at Monsoon with half-and-half, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, maybe some star anise. It’s almost like a five-spice blend. As I got older, I realized it tastes better with rum or whiskey. In the wintertime, especially living in the Northwest, boy, a warm, boozy eggnog is awesome.”

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