By Food & Wine
January 19, 2012

To anyone who disses radishes, this one’s for you. Emeril Lagasse sautés the root vegetables with bacon, shallots, orange juice, and butter. The end result is a bowl full of crisp-yet-tender, perfectly browned radishes that will convert any doubter.

Con Poulos

Emeril Lagasse is a busy man. Along with his restaurant empire, his multitude of cookbooks and his TV spots—he’s a regular judge on this season’s Top Chef—the New Orleans–based chef runs his own charity for underprivileged kids. One recent success of the Emeril Lagasse Foundation is a culinary arts program for New Orleans high-school students. The foundation is also setting up a community farm in New Orleans. One possible crop: radishes. “Radishes grow just about anywhere,”Lagasse says in our February issue. “People think, ‘Oh it’s just a radish.’ But radishes are delicious, and people don’t think of cooking them.” For a quick and versatile side dish, Lagasse sautés radishes and their greens with tangy orange butter and crispy bacon. You can help the Emeril Lagasse Foundation and other inspiring chef-run organizations featured in Chefs Make Change by visiting

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