Grace Parisi
Updated June 07, 2017

Working in the Test Kitchen definitely has some serious perks, especially come dinner time. A slice of this, some extra peeled that, a dribble of something else—which often gets pitched at the end of the day—and I have the basis of a (usually) delicious dinner.  But it also puts enormous pressure on me. As I was walking out the door this morning, my son shouted, "Think of something really really really delicious for dinner tonight." My day hadn't even begun and already I was stressing... Well, it's 4:00 and all I've made today was an eggnog so boozy (we're working on Christmas recipes) I might not even make it to 5:00, let alone dinner.  Luckily my kind-hearted coworker, Melissa Rubel  put aside a succulent, braised lamb shank that with a few twists and turns may just feed my clamoring brood.  I must remember to pick up some tomatoes and rigatoni. Stay tuned for my lamb ragu recipe next week! Until then, try this one from Chef Michael White.


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