Here, F&W editors' guide to the best Times Square restaurants, perfect for visitors to New York City.

By Dana Cowin
December 19, 2013

Here are some fun facts that we uncovered as we created January's Readers' Choice issue: Your favorite ingredient is chicken; your favorite red wine is Pinot Noir; your dream food trip would take you to New Orleans. I also discovered that I work one block from the No. 1 tourist destination in America—Times Square. In honor of that, I'm sharing F&W's local restaurant list for your next trip to New York City!

1. Osteria al Doge For many years, this is where F&W editors have written headlines over pizza Margherita. The quick service and laid-back farmhouse vibe also make it one of my pretheater favorites, particularly if I'm meeting friends with kids.

2. DB Bistro Moderne I don't even have to say "Earl Grey tea, scrambled eggs, please," when I come for breakfast—I'm here that often. For lunch, I usually choose fish but recommend the famous burger to non-regulars.

3. The Lambs Club Geoffrey Zakarian's place with a 1930s Hollywood feel is where you'll find dealmakers at lunch. The bar upstairs serves magnificent classic and innovative cocktails.

4. Aureole When this sophisticated restaurant movedfrom a swank Upper East Side townhouse to its Times Square location four years ago, I was so grateful.

5. The Rum House Located in the Hotel Edison, this place is a dive—a loud, busy, fun break from the city's mixology madness. On my last visit, I happily had a Stella Artois and a warm pretzel while standing at the bar.

6. Sushi Zen I get the sushi-sashimi combo, but Tina Ujlaki, F&W's executive food editor, tipped me off to the vegetable sushi. A perfect appetizer to share, it might include marinated lotus root and broccoli rabe.

7. BXL Café My favorite place for brainstorming layouts over big pots of mussels in fragrant broth (perfect for dipping with crispy frites) and beers from the impressive Belgian list.—James Maikowski

8. Sapporo This noodle joint has been open since Gerald Ford was in office. The ramen—chewy noodles, fatty pork and funky, murky miso broth—coats the tongue in pure umami.—Michael Endelman

9. John's Shanghai Skip the $7.50 lunch special and go for the handmade soup dumplings (a.k.a. steamed juice buns) filled with a delicate mound of pork in a rich broth.—Kate Heddings

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