At Canlis in Seattle, Natalie Stevens runs a little coffee bar inside the restaurant. Here, she shares her favorite coffee gifts.

By Megan Krigbaum
December 14, 2015
Courtesy of Canlis

At Canlis in Seattle, Natalie Stevens essentially runs a little coffee bar inside the restaurant, where she makes espresso drinks, pour-overs, French-pressed brews and even coffee for cocktails. She takes a special interest in “sourcing direct-trade coffee from roasters who are really attentive to their farmers and who want to illustrate and bring out the flavors of the actual beans,” she says. Her skills are borne of tasting with roasters and a lot of experimentation: “I’ve taken a pretty scientific-method-y approach.” Here, her favorite coffee gifts and top 4 small roasters.

Best Gifts For Coffee Fanatics

Coffeebonavita Electric Gooseneck Kettle “I like to use an electric kettle that you can set to a specific temperature. It keeps things really consistent,” says Stevens. $70;

© Bonavita

Baratza Coffee Grinder “Understanding your grind size in accordance to what you’re brewing is really important, and it’s the easiest thing to control. The Encore grinder from Baratza works very well.” $145;

Acaia Espresso Scale “It really helps to have a gram scale so you can measure out grams of water to grams of coffee and have the amounts be correct. I recommend the Acaia Lunar scale.” $220;

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Stevens’s Top 4 Small Roasters

  1. Slate Coffee Roasters, Seattle
    Roast to try: Brazilian Sitio Sertaozinho. $12 for 9 oz.;
  2. Olympia Coffee Roasting Co., Olympia, Washington
    Roast to try: Guatemalan El Socorro Maracaturra. $22 for 12 oz.;
  3. Counter Culture, Durham, North Carolina
    Roast to try: Ethiopian Apollo. $16 for 12 oz.;
  4. Heart, Portland, Oregon
    Roast to try: Ethiopian Yukro. $19 for 12 oz.; heart​