F&W Chef-in-Residence Grant Achatz thinks high-quality miso is up-and-coming. Here's how to cook with it.

By F&W Editors
October 16, 2014

We asked chefs to peek into their crystal balls and tell us what foods we’ll be talking about in the next five years. Here’s what they predicted.

F&W Chef-in-Residence Grant Achatz thinks high-quality miso is up-and-coming. “The American public mostly thinks of miso as the generic supermarket stuff that’s basically just salt,” he says. “But there are varieties of miso out there that have so many layers of flavor and characteristics that aren’t commonly found.” Here, nine delicious ways to use three types of miso: red, yellow and white.

White (Shiro) Miso
The most mild, least salty miso, white miso is perfect for light and fresh dishes.

Sticky Miso Chicken Wings 
You’ll never go back to Buffalo wings after trying these crispy Asian-inspired, miso-coated wings.

Black Cod with Miso 
This sweet and silky fish is marinated overnight in sake and miso.

Miso-Infused Cream Cheese Spread 
It doesn’t get much simpler than this spread—just coat cream cheese in white miso and wait.

Yellow (Shinshu) Miso
Fermented slightly longer than white miso, yellow miso is salty but mild. It’s great on seafood or in soups.

Grilled Miso Shrimp 
Toss shrimp with a miso marinade before grilling for incredible flavor.

Lobster-and-Asparagus Salad with Miso-Mustard Vinaigrette 
This miso vinaigrette is perfect with rich lobster but it would be just as good on a simple green salad.

Ginger-Miso Sweet Pea Spread 
A dairy-free alternative to creamy dips, this delicious spread calls for pureeing sweet peas with scallions, ginger, jalapeño and yellow miso.

Red (Aka) Miso
Achatz loves red miso for its depth of flavor. Dark and pungent, it's great for hearty, rich dishes.

Grilled Beef-Tenderloin Skewers with Red-Miso Glaze 
Alternatively tangy and salty-sweet, these skewers are also delicious when made with chicken breast or pork tenderloin.

Red-Miso-Glazed Carrots 
Red miso adds a deep, savory flavor to these buttery carrots.

Red Miso Buttercream 
This salty-sweet buttercream is incredible on chocolate-chip cookies.

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