Toast spring with these herbaceous cocktails.

By F&W Editors
March 10, 2016

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to ditch the hot toddies and shake up something a little zestier. Take some inspiration from your garden and infuse your happy hour with fresh cilantro, mint and more. Here, ten recipes for bright and fresh cocktails made with herbs.

1. Basil Gimlet 

This extraordinary twist on the traditional gimlet includes fresh basil and celery bitters.

2. Lemony Fresh Herb Coolers 

The combination of fresh basil, cilantro, mint and tarragon makes an unusually refreshing drink.

3. Mojo Royale 

This sparkling take on a Mojito swaps in tarragon for the usual mint.

4. L’il Jig 

Yellow Chartreuse and Thai basil make this aromatic drink extra herbaceous.

5. Ginger Rogers 

This extra-gingery gin and ginger includes muddled mint.

6. Cilantro Cooler 

Here is the perfect spring aperitif.

7. California Collins 

Lemon verbena, apple juice and gin come together in this spritzy drink.

8. Le Midi 

Lavender isn’t just for soap. It’s amazing in this elegant cocktail.

9. Thai Boxer 

Think of this drink as a lighter, brighter, springier Piña Colada.