From smoky eggplant dip to creamy lima bean hummus, here are nine super-tasty dips that just happen to be healthy.

By F&W Editors
January 06, 2016

1. Spicy Kale-Pistachio Dip

Serrano chiles give this fast dip terrific heat.

2. Charred Eggplant Dip

This lighter version of baba ghanoush is made with Greek yogurt.

3. Easy Guacamole

It doesn't get any easier than this 15-minute dish, which combines fresh avocado with lime juice, tomato and cilantro.

4. Chunky Curry Kabocha Squash Dip

Sweet roasted winter squash makes a fantastic base for a healthy dip.

5. Tomato Salsa with Cucumber "Chips"

This healthy salsa is delicious served right after it's made, but the flavors meld nicely after a day or two in the refrigerator.

6. Healthy Artichoke Dip with Corn, Cayenne and Parmesan Cheese

Star blogger Phoebe Lapine makes this dip with non-fat Greek yogurt and tofu.

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7. Fiery Carrot Dip

This unusual yet delicious dip is great for big parties because the ingredients are so inexpensive.

8. Cool Ranch Kale Dip

Serve this tangy buttermilk dip with a mix of fresh crudité (such as cucumber spears, radishes, carrots, endive, etc.) and pita chips or seeded breadsticks. Wash and cut your veggies the day before and store in the fridge for easy day-of assembly.


F&W's Kay Chun's healthy take on the classic dip features kale, labneh and buttermilk.

9. Lima Bean Hummus

The buttery texture of lima beans makes this healthy hummus incredibly smooth and creamy.

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